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Dr. Yury Safronau’s trading signals have provided over 59,000 pips profits since 2015. So subscribe and get access to 30 Premium Trading Signals for Forex, Cryptos and Metals. Choose your subscription plan and start benefiting from the trading signals, trading courses, premium webinars and more.

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Pips profit Month-on-Month since 2015


Pips Profit total you could have earned since 2015

65716 pips trading on EURUSD with 1 lot could give $ 657.16K

What services are included in AtoZ Markets Premium?

Below are all the services outlined, which comes as part of AtoZ Markets Premium Trading Signals:

+30 Premium
Trading Signals

There is no need to learn a trading strategy. Join AtoZ Markets Premium and get from Dr. Yury Safronau on a daily basis +30 trading signals instantly to your email or access the latest trading signals directly within your premium membership dashboard.


If you want to develop your trading skills, then go over the trading lessons of Dr. Yury Safronau. Giving lectures at a local university, Dr. Yury Safronau has compiled his experiences and created beginners, intermediate and professional trading courses. Which you can access as part of your AtoZ Markets Premium.

AtoZ Traders

After you go through each trading course of Dr. Yury Safronau, there is the possibility for you to test the knowledge learned in the form of an exam with multiple choice questions. If you pass all of the beginners, intermediate and experienced exams, then we will send you per email the AtoZ Markets Traders Diploma.


Sign up for AtoZ Markets’ premium webinar, hosted by Dr. Safronau. You can also suggest which topics you want Dr. Yury Safronau to cover next. Or you can share your trading issues ahead of the webinar. These will be then handled by Dr. Yury Safronau during the live QA of the webinar.

QA session with
an AtoZ Mentor

Can’t wait for the live QA of Dr. Yury Safronau’s webinar? Then book immediately a 10 minutes appointment with one of AtoZ Market’s mentors or with Dr. Yury himself, to get your trading questions answered one-on-one. It depends of course on the availability.

Unlimited access
to indicators

After learning the trading lessons of Dr. Yury Safronau, you might want to learn how to analyse like the professor himself. For this you will need trading indicators. With AtoZ Markets Premium, you will have no longer restrictions on the number of indicator downloads per day.

Meet Your Trading Mentor Dr. Yury Safronau

Dr. Yury Safronau is one of the original two founders of, which became in early 2018. He started AtoZ Market’s free signals and later on set the framework for AtoZ Markets Premium signals. Dr. Yury Safronau has been a full time professional trader since 2009 and holds a PhD Degree in Economic Sciences. 

Throughout his trading years, Dr. Yury Safronau developed the use of non-linear dynamic models to predict the behavior of financial markets. Together, with his in-depth technical and fundamental analytics expertise, Dr. Yury provides on a daily basis AtoZ Markets Premium signals to your fingertips.

Easy cancellation policy

If you are not satisfied with AtoZ Markets Premium, you can cancel any time without giving any
reason for it. All you need to do is to send us a free form email to [email protected],
stating that you want to cancel it and provide additionally your name, surname, email and

Once done, the monthly subscription will not be automatically extended after 30 days.
For the annual subscription it is similar, it will stop ahead of the yearly renewal.

Get started in 4 simple steps

1. Choose your AtoZ Markets Premium plan to get signals

2. Learn How to Use
AtoZ Markets signals from our guide

3. Open a trading account with a reliable broker

4. Copy the daily trading signals provided by Dr. Yury Safronau

What are the Payments Options?

At AtoZ Markets, we accept all major debit and credit cards from customers around the world and also SEPA or IDEAL payments.

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€49 /month

Billed Monthly

  • Get up to 30 signals sent by Dr. Yury Safronau to email or access in the members dashboard
  • Access 5 other premium services at no cost 
  • Easy cancellation with right to cancel in 30 days

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€39 /month

Billed Annually

  • Save €120 per year with the annual subscription discount of 20% 
  • Get up to 30 signals sent by Dr. Yury Safronau to email or access in the members dashboard
  • Access 5 other premium services at no cost
  • Receive auto email to prolong the yearly subscription or cancel the subscription 30 days before expiration
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€0 /month

Or get 12 months access to AtoZ Markets Premium with all the services for Free! How? Read the steps below:  
  1. Open an account with one of the AtoZ Markets’ partner brokers
  2. Deposit $200 after you have opened the live trading account
  3. Make screenshot of your deposit and fill out this form
  4. AtoZ Markets’ team will check it and approve
  5. Start using your 12 months AtoZ Markets Premium Signals for free
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